Friday, February 18, 2011

The most difficult part of starting a new business is coming up with that one revolutionary idea that puts you in a league of your own, GRACE has done that with, well, grace. GRACE was started 2 years ago by Michael Hecken and Karl-Heinz Nicolai to meet the void in the bicycle market that up until now, was impossible to fill. The market GRACE is commanding is in the creation of the World’s first ever street legal E-Bicycle. Now, You may be thinking to yourself, “There’s all sorts of electric bikes out there.”, think again. The GRACE product is revolutionary because it is the first bike to incorporate every creature comforts of a motorcycle into a Lithium-Ion powered bike that can be driven on any street, 100% legally in traffic. The batteries provide the rider with 500-1300 watts of power which is delivered through a state of the art hub motor which runs off from 1.3kw of electricity, which is 1/70th of the power that a smart car uses. The batteries will power the bike at a top speed of 45km/h (~28mph) for distances up to 50km (31miles), all while doing so 100% emission and noise free and being completely carbon neutral. The lighting system is what provides the GRACE with the legal accomplishment of being the World first and only street legal E-Bike. This includes blinkers, dimming headlights, brake lights, horn, switches, cables and much more.

The GRACE can be fully charged in just a couple hours with under a few yards of solar panels to regenerate the power supply. All of this would be impossible if it wasn’t for their engineering masterpiece which incorporates a CNC- Aluminum frame with internally integrated batteries and wiring. The computer system of the GRACE is inside of a discreet and waterproof box on the frame of the bike, which allows for easy charging and repairs if need be. Now all this sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Well you’d be right. The GRACE is intended for the Global premium luxury market of bicycle buyers. Each GRACE is a hand built in Germany out of the Worlds most durable and high quality materials and is custom tailored for each client. There are three frame options: the City, the Uni and the Race frames which are available in two different model formats. The more economical choice is the One series ,which starts at around 3,000Euro and the more aggressive and expensive Pro series which runs right around 8,000Euro and up. There is hundreds of different color options in both powder coated and anodized hues, so no matter what, you’ll have the perfectly hand built, rigorously tested bike with perfectly desired features for you, the individual.

The GRACE makes you rethink what is possible for bicycle builders and has created a whole new way of thinking of economical and environmentally friendly travel options. Although very expensive and limited at this point, expect to see a new trend in the E-Bike market as GRACE extends the limits of what’s fantasy and what‘s reality.